pinboard Pinboard

Pinboard is a very special bookmarking app. Its basic functionality is similar to our existing integration Delicious, but with a special focus on speed and data security. Hojoki provides you with a record of your own saved links in Pinboard. You can comment on it for yourself or share it with other people. Hojoki adds the social functionality which Pinboard doesn’t have in the first place.

With Hojoki you can…


You can choose what bookmarks, based on tags, are shared with others. This keeps your team on the same page, allowing you to share whatever pages you think are relevant. You can also share any individual update with the click of a button.



You’re able to comment on the new activities for project discussion. After writing whatever you want, you can enter email addresses of who you want to receive the message and these people will receive an email with your comment. The recipients will even be able to respond without having a Hojoki account.


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