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Mendeley is a tool for managing and sharing research papers, searching through papers and collaboration. Hojoki provides you with a place to keep track of all the activities in Mendeley with the activities of all your other apps, as well as allowing sharing and discussion on the activities in private workspaces.

Mendeley/Hojoki Robot

With Hojoki you can…

Share your Mendeley activities with others in workspaces

You can share and discuss your Mendeley activities along with the activities from your other tools. Invite others into Hojoki workspaces, keeping them on the same page at all times.


Monitor all the changes in Mendeley with the changes in your other tools

You’ll have your Mendeley updates in the same platform as your other apps such as Google Docs, Evernote, Dropbox and many more.



If you’re feeling particularly brave, create a Hojoki workspace with your supervisor and share your apps there. This will give you a place to discuss your work, get feedback and definitely motivate you to get stuff done.



For supervisors looking for a tool to help them keep on top of everything. You can use Hojoki to stay informed about how all your students are getting along and provide feedback in our clean, simple interface without having to wrestle with your email client.


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