dropbox Dropbox

Dropbox is a widely used file storage and sharing application. It allows people to share files with others. With Hojoki you can see when files are added or changed in a dropbox folder and collaborate with discussions and tasks.

Comment on your files to keep your team up to date

You can add comments to all your files from Dropbox to discuss the work as it happens. With this you have one centralized place where the discussions are held and have the file as the centre of the discussion.


Add tasks to your Dropbox files

Add tasks to your images, presentations, and documents and assign them to others. You’re able to see what you and your colleagues have to do in one place with the context of the files always present.


A newsfeed of all changes in Dropbox

Updates from your Dropbox come in with all the other apps you connect. You can choose exactly which folders come in to filter out the noise. Share your stream with your team and keep everyone on the same page. In workspaces you can see all the relevant files for a project from one place.



There’s the ability to search for Dropbox files in Hojoki allowing you to locate all your Dropbox files and folders with the help of Hojoki’s auto-suggest.

No account yet? Sign up for Dropbox here. Sign up for Hojoki here.

Need help? Here’s our knowledge base entry for Dropbox.