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CloudApp allows you to share images, links, music, videos and files. Hojoki gets your uploads, includes them in your activity stream and lets you search for file names.

CloudApp Hojoki Robot

With Hojoki you can…

CloudApp Example

Share your CloudApp uploads with others in workspaces

You can share and discuss your CloudApp uploads along with the activities from your other tools. Invites others into Hojoki workspace, keeping them on the same page at all times.


Preview images from within Hojoki, right in your stream

A really neat feature we’ve included, is the ability to preview images that are uploaded. This way, you can see a thumbnail of an image without having to open a new tab, the preview is displayed within Hojoki.

For us, CloudApp is a perfect addition to Dropbox. Dropbox, with its folder structure is the place to store things, which have to be there for a longer time. Whereas, everything else floats in CloudApp, be it screenshots, short texts, everything.


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