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Box is an online file sharing and cloud content management service. Hojoki provides you with a place to keep track of all the activities in Box with the activities of all your other apps, as well as allowing sharing and discussion on the activities in private workspaces.

Limited promotion: Hojoki users can sign up for a Box account with 25GB free storage + sync!

Hojoki celebrates its recent relaunch together with integration partners, including Box, which is offering 25GB Box accounts for new users that sign up for Hojoki.

To participate, login to Hojoki or signup for free if you don’t have an account yet. You’ll find the promotion link in your Hojoki dashboard.


With Hojoki you can…

Share your Box activities with others in workspaces

You can share and discuss your Box activities along with the activities from your other tools. Invite others into Hojoki workspaces, keeping them on the same page at all times.


Monitor all the changes in Box with the changes in your other tools

You’ll have your Box updates in the same platform as your other apps such as Google Docs, Evernote, Dropbox, and many more.


Comment on your files to keep your team up to date

You can add comments to all your files to discuss the work as it happens. With this, you have one centralized place where the discussions are held and always have the file as the centre of the discussion.


Add tasks to your files and assign them to your team

You’re able to see what you and your colleagues have to do in one place with the context of the files always present.
No account yet? Sign up for Box here. Sign up for Hojoki here.

Need help? Here’s our knowledge base entry for Box.