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Bitbucket is a code hosting app for developers. It gives you Git or Mercurial repositories in the cloud, combined with collaboration features. Hojoki shows you what is going on in your Bitbucket repositories including commits and discussions. You can directly reply from within Hojoki and we sync your comment back to Bitbucket.

Bitbucket Hojoki Robot

With Hojoki you can…

Integration with other tools

Integrate Bitbucket activities with your other productivity tools such as Google Drive and Dropbox.

What we cater for

You can respond to comments from Hojoki and they will be synced back to Bitbucket. Share chosen repositories with whoever you want.

Know what’s going on

With Hojoki you can simply scroll through what’s been happening. You also get daily and weekly emails to let you know what’s been updated, letting you keep in touch with your team easily.

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