basecampnext Basecamp

Basecamp (formerly known as Basecamp Next) is 37 Signals’ revised edition to Basecamp Classic. In the revamp, they have outdone themselves with this project management suite. Hojoki takes all the updates from your projects and brings them to you in Hojoki.

With Hojoki you can…

Share your Basecamp activities with others in workspaces

You can share and discuss your Basecamp along with the activities from your other tools. Invite others into Hojoki workspaces, keeping them on the same page at all times.

What we support

Whenever a to-do, discussion, text document, event or file is updated or created, the update will flow into Hojoki. Here you’ll be able to see when an event is scheduled or who’s responsible for any given task.


No account yet? Sign up for Basecamp here. Sign up for Hojoki here.

Need help? Here’s our knowledge base entry for Basecamp.