November 29, 2012

Hojoki raises A round

With the event of our relaunch today, the Hojoki team is pleased to announce a new round of financing.

After raising a seed round from KIZOO Technology Capital last year, we are proud to report that Hojoki has secured a fresh injection of capital from KIZOO Technology Capital and Creathor Venture. This seven-digit amount will be used to push product development.

KIZOO Technology Capital is a German investor focused on seed and early stage investments in the areas of SaaS, Internet & Mobile Services, and Social Applications. With more than 25 years of experience, the new investor, Creathor Venture is one of the most established European venture capitalists, having funded more than 200 companies as a lead investor and participated in over 20 IPOs.

We are very happy to have such an amount of experience on the board. Our joint goal is to build the future of productivity apps in the cloud and our recent release is a huge step towards this goal. And we have big plans, so there is even more to come next year!

Press release 29 November 2012

November 29, 2012

Say hello to a whole new Hojoki and the messaging centre for all your productivity apps

Everyone at Hojoki is totally excited today. We’ve been a little silent during the last weeks and the reason for this is that we’ve been extremely focussed on getting something great done! We’ve been building the new Hojoki for you. By using everything we’ve learnt from one year of public beta, we’re able to bring you the most important feature requests.

The all new look

As of today you will discover that the home base for your favourite productivity apps has a new look. Our relaunch includes not only a sophisticated makeover, but also many new features that have been frequently requested. We implemented the redesign with a better, more grown up Hojoki in mind, providing an even smoother platform to keep all of the newly integrated apps organized and easily accessible.

Without further delay, here’s how Hojoki now looks:

Send comments to your apps

And now what you have all been waiting for, Hojoki now makes commenting and discussion possible across all of your apps. You can post in all of your apps from one place and conversations are sent back to the source. This has been one the most requested features. You can now discuss all the activities in all your connected apps from one place and have the discussions synced back to the apps.

Comment on Dropbox and Evernote updates

To top it off, you can even comment on updates from apps like Dropbox and Evernote which do not already have this capability. Hojoki takes care of sending the comment in that case, notifying the recipients via email. If the recipients are not on Hojoki, they can still respond without having to set up an account. There’s no need to tire yourself out by running around to keep up with everything that’s happening in your tools, Hojoki does that for you!

Separate app feeds

With the apps you choose to integrate in Hojoki now located neatly on the left side of the discussion feed, all of your sources are quickly available with a simple click. When you select Google Drive for example, the feed will only provide the news related to that single app.

App launcher

Additionally, you have the option to open the application by clicking on the “Launch app…” button in the upper right hand corner and the app will instantly appear in a new tab.

So there you have it. A wiser, more mature Hojoki. Now your apps are not just integrated as one, so is your hub for discussion around it, giving you the opportunity to filter your feed the way you want it and collaborate with every app.

As a summary, you’ll see a full walk-through of the new Hojoki and its features in the following screencast:

November 27, 2012

Our improved Github integration brings you the whole Github newsfeed to Hojoki

One of our most popular integrations has just received a makeover. From the feedback we heard, Github was missing a little something here and there. We put our heads together and decided that a switch from a commits-only retrieval strategy to the Github newsfeed would smoothen out this integration. This has been made possible by Github’s recent changes with their newsfeed and following functionality. As you can now decide what repos and users to follow in Github, it made perfect sense to use this feed for Hojoki.

While the old Github integration brought you commits only, the supported event types now also include forks, issues, pull requests and pushes.

We rolled out the new Github integration today so you should find those additional feed contents in your Hojoki already.

October 25, 2012

How we streamline our mobile development with Grunt and

Our mobile apps for iOS and Android are mainly based on HTML5 and Javascript. This makes it possible for us to re-use many parts of the functional code from our web app. In order to establish an efficient build-deploy-test cycle, we use Grunt. Together with some plugins and internal customizations, this lets us automatically validate, optimize, build, deploy and install the app on a test device, all with one command.

Read more about it and check out some code snippets on’s Cross Platform Dev Blog.

October 09, 2012

Bring your Pocket to Hojoki

Pocket Hojoki Robot

Pocket, formerly known as Read it Later, is an app that lets you do exactly that. You see something you want to take a look at later, simply put it in your Pocket and save it for when you have have time.

Whenever you Pocket a page, an update will pop up in Hojoki with a link to the article. You can share these pages with others in Hojoki’s workspaces and define what exactly is shared by using tags.

Using Pocket, you can easily save an article you found of interest to your team and can add relevant tags so that it is automatically shared with your teammates.

Pocket in Hojoki

As with all our apps, the integration is seamless. You can simply connect in a few clicks and then your Pocket updates flow into your feed. As you can see below, you’ll have Pocket in the same feed as your other apps and can easily discuss your activities with your team.

Pocket with your other apps

If you don’t yet have a Pocket account, get one here!