CatchApp is shutting down :(

I’m deeply sorry to announce that CatchApp will be shutting down two weeks from now on December 10th. At that point, will no longer be available and all features of the mobile apps will stop working.

This decision wasn’t easy for us. We know that many of you rely on CatchApp’s activity stream. We value each of our users but in the end paying users haven’t been enough to pay the bill for what’s necessary to keep up the service.

Important message for our premium users: We’ll cancel your subscriptions automatically. If you’re on a yearly plan we’ll refund you for the months missing to your prepaid rate. However, if you subscribed via the Android Store or the iOS store we cannot do that automatically. Please get in touch with!

We hope that you have enjoyed using CatchApp as much as we enjoyed building it for you! As alternatives we suggest Slack or custom notifications with Zapier.


Trello by CatchApp for HootSuite now available

After integrating Google Drive into HootSuite, we’re continuing our mission to add CatchApp’s feeds to the world’s most widely used social relationship platform. The new Trello integration lets you create, comment and monitor cards in Trello. Here’s the feature list:

  • Monitor the changelog of a certain Trello board, all boards in a Trello organization or all your boards at once.
  • Create a Trello card from within HootSuite including title, description, label, list, and assigned members.
  • Create a card in Trello based on a tweet or Facebook post from any HootSuite stream.
  • See comments on cards in the newsfeed and reply from within HootSuite.

The Trello integration is now available in the HootSuite’s App Directory. After a 2-day trial period it’s just $0.99 per month.

Already a HootSuite user? Install the Trello Feeds app in HootSuite
Sign-up for HootSuite and Install Trello Feeds

Here’s a short video to show you how to get started.


CatchApp for Mac out now

Just one week after the release of our Windows 8 app, we’ve just released our very own Mac app. This means you can keep on top of all the updates in your apps from your desktop.

As well as all the CatchApp features you already love, the Mac version comes with two great additions. First of all, you’re able to find everything lightning fast using the feed search. Secondly, you can see all the details by switching directly from one detail view to the next.


You can find our Mac app in the App Store here: CatchApp for Mac

CatchApp Windows 8 app now available

Today we’re happy to announce that we’ve brought CatchApp to yet another platform. This time it’s Windows 8.

We’ve added some neat features to CatchApp for this version specifically. Using Windows 8′s snapped app functionality with CatchApp, you can always have your feed in view when working on something else. Notifications and Live Tile support are also currently in the works.

The pic below gives you a quick view of how the app looks. As with the web app, you have your lists side by side to keep track of everything that’s going on in your projects.

We also have the detail view where you can see a preview image of the file in question as well as the update history on that file. 


Get CatchApp for Windows 8 here now: CatchApp for Windows 8

CatchApp brings Google Drive to HootSuite

We’ve just launched a Google Drive integration for HootSuite. This means that you’ll be able to track your Google Drive updates in HootSuite. We’ll be doing all the background work to display you with these updates in the world’s most widely used social relationship platform.

Many of our users work in marketing or related areas and HootSuite has become the standard tool for them. This Google Drive integration is available for $1.99 in the HootSuite App Directory. More of our app integrations are planned to follow Google Drive into HootSuite over the next months.

As shown below, you’ll be able to track all the updates in your Google Drive. You’ll also be able to choose one single folder to track. This fits in perfectly with HootSuite’s platform as here you’ll be able to track everything that’s going on in your projects from one place.


Here’s a very short video to show you how to get started tracking Google Drive updates in HootSuite with the help of CatchApp: