March 06, 2014

Forrester names Hojoki as “Cloud Startup Worth Watching”

In a recent blog over at Forrester on the topic of the integration of cloud apps, Michael Yamnitsky mentioned that Hojoki is one of 3 cloud apps to be watching in this space. Hojoki is placed under the category of collaborative work on top of your multiple apps. That’s very much so our goal; to keep you using your preferred apps but in a more co-ordinated and efficient manner.

The need for better integration between all our diverse cloud apps is not just growing, but growing rapidly. This Forrester blog highlights the need for apps that will take care of all the dispersed information we use in our private and personal lives.

November 08, 2013

Welcome our new iOS app: CatchApp is the pulse of work


Our whole team is very excited today as we’ve just launched a fantastic new app: CatchApp.

CatchApp is the easiest way to catch up with everything your team is working on. It’s built for managers, freelancers, and anyone involved in teamwork who spends a large part of their day on coordination and tracking.

So if you use Hojoki simply to monitor what your co-workers are doing, CatchApp is perfect for you. It’s the fastest and most beautiful app we’ve ever built. Choose exactly what activity to track and for what updates you’d like to receive push notifications.

Check it out now:

Here are some general answers to questions you might have (email if you have any further questions):

Why did you launch a new app?

Hojoki is built for team collaboration. All our recent feature developments have been made with this use case in mind. However, we spotted a significant group of people using Hojoki on their own simply to keep up to date with activity in their team. We really like this use case and realized that the more we improved Hojoki’s team functionalities, the more clutter we added to their experience. Therefore we decided to build an app just for them.

What does this mean for Hojoki?

For Hojoki, nothing will change. Hojoki is for team collaboration, CatchApp is for monitoring. Both apps share the same core so Hojoki will benefit from the many improvements done for CatchApp (stability, new integrations).

Having a separate app for all the monitoring folks out there will let us focus. We’ll be able to streamline the experience in both apps.

What app is best for me?

That depends on your use case. Do you want to create a shared newsfeed for your whole team to collaborate via task management and comments? That’s what Hojoki does best. Do you simply want to catch up on your team’s activity, choose exactly what’s important to you and not bother anyone about joining another app? That’s what CatchApp is built for.

I want to use CatchApp, how can I transfer my data?

Simply download CatchApp from the App Store and connect your apps. As the CatchApp tracking options are more defined, we voted against an automated import from Hojoki. Setup is quick and easy – we put lots of effort into this.

I want to use CatchApp instead of Hojoki, what happens to my premium account?

Please contact us at We’ll be happy to give you a refund as well as an increased CatchApp quota for free.

July 02, 2013

File views, preview images, multiple accounts, and a new Dropbox integration

We’re excited to tell you that Hojoki has just unveiled a shinier look and some new features for you and your team. Our focus for this release was working with files. So if you’ve connected Dropbox, Google Drive, Skydrive, Box, or CloudApp to Hojoki, these new features are for you.

The most important change is the introduction of the file view, giving you access to all of your project-related files. At the top of the feed you can choose to hop over to “Tasks” or “Files” and easily preview and access all your files from a single spot.

Hojoki File View

Hojoki’s feed got prettier as well with live previews of your files in Google Drive and Dropbox. With the addition of preview images, your discussions in Hojoki are now heavily improved as you know exactly what you’re talking about. This was a highly requested feature and we’re happy to have it live today. We’ll expand preview images to other apps in the coming weeks.

Hojoki feed view

The foundation for the new features was a complete rework of our Dropbox integration. While we used to consume Dropbox’s RSS feed, we have now switched to the official API. The biggest benefits of this step are preview images as well as a complete newsfeed (the old integration would miss some updates when there was lots of activity). To get the new Dropbox integration please upgrade your Dropbox settings in the app. You’ll have to give Hojoki access rights to your files for this. The only thing we use this for is to get preview images and meta-data, such as title and folder name. We never ever actually download your files to our servers.

Finally, we introduced multiple accounts per apps as a new premium feature. If you have multiple accounts at Google or any other app, you can now unify them in one place with Hojoki.

We hope you enjoy the new additions to Hojoki, and if you have any questions or feedback, we’d love to hear from you! Check out our homepage if you want to hear more about what your team can do with Hojoki.

June 25, 2013

We made the podium over at Cloudsider

The guys over at Cloudsider recently had a look at cloud aggregation tools and really liked Hojoki.

“Hojoki is perfect for teams that want to stay informed on all the activities that happen in their cloud apps. The automatically generated newsfeed keeps everyone up to date.”

Glad we made the podium, guys!

Read more here (German):

May 31, 2013

What’s new: 31th May 2013

This morning we deployed some fresh updates that bring you a few nice improvements to the user interface:

A new detail view for all objects

Everything in your feed now opens in a detail view, showing a focussed view of attached comments, tasks, and detailed information. You can access the link to the source app either from the detail view or directly from the feed with the “open in app” link showing up upon hovering over an update.
Detail view

New file type icons

We worked on making the feed clearer by removing some unnecessary icons and reworking the remaining icons for a cleaner look.

We also worked on general usability of the app, improving the login/signup page, tasks list, and dialogs.

As always, we’re happy to hear your feedback on the latest changes. Just send us an email with your thoughts.